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Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Can't Drive....

Hey Lovelies!
Shirt and Skirt: Old Navy Shoes: DSW

So I really can drive. Now. But back when I got this shirt, not so much.

I was a freshman in college some friends and I were going to the local mall. My girlfriend wanted to ride with her boyfriend, but she wanted her car there for when she decided to leave too. (Yeah we were a fickle flighty bunch.) I offered to drive her car there.

I did not mention that I only had my learners permit. ( Here in Ohio you had to take Driver's Ed before you got your licence if you were under 18 and I turned 18 while I was away at school.)

Aaaaaaanywho....we got to the mall without incident. Its only about 5 mins away from campus. However when we got there I had to park the car. I was fine at it in the car with my mother....cuz it was quiet and I wasn't showing off. With my friends however not so much.

See there was this parked monster truck. And I hit it. And knocked my friends headlight out. Luckily her boyfriend worked on cars.

Then.......a few weeks later, I was driving another friends car to church services. (Same group of friends, and by this time yes they knew I was licence-less.) I was talking to a friend and saw another walking by us on the sidewalk. And then I drove right up over the curve, and almost onto said sidewalk.

I damaged her axle.

Then we went to Old Navy and found this shirt. 

Yes I saved it. Cuz its funny.

For the record. I'm a great driver these days.

Seriously just ask my photog!

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DaniNut said...

I can verify that you are now a good driver. But I can also verify that there was a reason back in the day I didnt let you borrow my car... :) Love Ya!