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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Totally Awkward Thursday....

Hello Lovelies

I know, I know. I said I'd be MIA and I still am. Working on a paper right now actually. My senior thesis. Why am I studying history again? Oh I digress. I popped back into bloggy world to tell you about my totally awesome fantastic night last night. 

My gas light came on yesterday as I was leaving campus. Usually that means 60+ish miles left. So I went to get Leila from school. JJ was late coming home, so I was late going to work, so I just went. Polaris Mall is about 5 minutes from my house so I figured I'd be fine. After working my shift (The store was a MESS...seriously people, ask for help don't just flip over an entire pile of clothes...someone has to clean that up.), I turned my car on scrapped of the ICE (dang you Ohio) and headed to Westerville to use my Kroger point to get some gas. (Trying to stretch the moohlah). I forgot that everything in the 'ville closes up at about 11pm. So no gas there. I'm literally not even a mile from home and the gas station at the corner, when I realize my car is no longer accelerating.

I RAN OUT OF GAS! For the first time EVER in my WHOLE life. I happened to be on a decline so I coasted and pulled onto another street. *long hard sigh* I called JJ to tell him that I ran out of gas and that he could get a gas can from Momma Boom's garage. Then I called Momma Boom to let her know that he was on the way so she wouldn't think someone was breaking into her garage. Both of them lectured me. 

Then I see these in my rear view mirror.

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Yep. Westerville's finest stopped by to see why I was stopped on the wrong side of the road blinkers flashing. (Yeah...I pulled on the wrong side.) This is where the story gets super fun. See my car is registered to JJ, who has a CCW for work (concealed carry permit). Anytime the po-pos run the plates it comes up that someone driving the car has a gun. Which I never think about because I don't have my CCW and don't carry. So of course as the police officer walks up I just open my door to get out and tell him whats up. So intelligent on my part. His hand goes to his hip automatically. 

'Ma'am stay in the car, do not get out! I'll come to you.'

Hand on gun the whole time. *sigh* So I sat my little happy self back in the car mentally kicking myself and when he approached explained I don't have a weapon and I'm just out of gas. I told him JJ was on the way. He asked if I'd like to wait in his car. Nope. Never been in a police car for ANY reason and I did not plan to start last night.

JJ finally was on his way with the gas, and then I had to inform said police officer that yes he does carry and will have it on him. Dude's back on high alert. Really though? Do cops get shot, helping stranded women?

So I finally am gassed up and on my way home. All of this only took about 10-15 mins as I was literally in walking distance of my house, and Momma Boom is in walking distance of our house. But that was my night. Soooooo fun.

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MY GOD what a story! Just glad it all turned out OK!

But for future reference, please keep your taken topped up because we can't have you stranded and possibly in danger, my dear!