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Monday, December 26, 2011

MMM: Vol 11

Hello Lovelies!

Its the day after Christmas which is why I'm so late with today's post. Catching up with friends, getting batteries for Boomer, playing with all her new goodies :) It's been exhausting, but fun. So for the mani portion of our post I wanted to show you the my first attempt at a half moon mani for the holidays.

OPI DS Radiance and OPI The Thrill of Brazil
So....the half moon mani is no walk in the park. It looks cool, but its not easy. The stickers wee too sticky and kept lifting the silver polish...and let's not even talk about how silly some of my right hand looked. (It was so hard putting on the stickers left handed.) Additionally my mother was none to fond of this look. Ah well. For a great tutorial on how to do this check out Kristina PrettyShinySparkly's post here. I have not given up on the half moon mani though. I'll be trying it again with some different colors, and more time. (I'm just not patient.)

Boomer asked Santa (repeatedly) to bring her Despicable Me for Christmas. Santa did not disappoint. So we watched it twice yesterday. Once at our house on the super crazy big tv, and once at Mimi's house because Boomer rationalised that if she loved the movie Mimi would too. I can't say enough good things about this movie. I've watched it more times than I would care to admit, and I still find it hilarious. I also am a HUGE NERD fan. (Thanx a lot G4Mikey) and love that Pharell did the music for this movie. I'm actually thinking about getting myself the soundtrack.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I'll be back with some more Christmas roundup and Hanukkah picture too. Yes...both.



Ooooh, the nails are superb, babe!

Anonymous said...

She can come see this in TX in 3D :)

DaniNut said...

Those nails are rockin. I had to show them to a girlfriend. Oh cant wait till I have a job that wont chip paint off my nails in 2.3 seconds! :)