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Monday, December 5, 2011

MMM: Vol 10

Hello Lovelies!

Wow...ten weeks of this so far...I took a few breaks, but I've been doing pretty well.

Anyway because it's been looking like this in Central Ohio for awhile...

I decided to paint myself some sunshine! I know winter is reserved for darker colors, but I felt an early onset of Seasonal Affective Disorder coming on and I just couldn't take it anymore.

OPI Banana Bandanna

This puppy is a three to four coater and you need to be careful because it tends toward streaky-ness. (This isn't OPI brand specific. I've noticed this with pretty much any light creamy nail polish color.) (Oh...I hate the word creamy with a passion and only use it when absolutely necessary so clearly you guys are loved.)

This weeks movie is "La Haine" which means hatred in French. I'm kind of taking the easy road with this film because I watched it for class, but other that that I've just been watching every single episode of Star Trek on Netflix and this is Monday Mani and a Movie, not TV show. So.... La Haine.
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Its a film about three friends who live in the ' banlieues' of Paris. Its kind of backwards there....the 'banlieues', as I understand are the outsides of the cities. Kind of like our suburbs. However the 'projects' are located in their suburbs and the more well to do live in the cities. Anyway...this film shows a day in the life of three friends whose families immigrated to Paris. One of their friends was brutalized in a riot and his life is hanging in the balance. Vinz, finds a gun one of the police officers lost in the riot and threatens to kill a cop in retaliation if their friend dies. The film is shot in black and white and was actually pretty good. We often, as Americans, don't think about other countries having similar problems to us. Many of my friends are woefully lacking in knowledge of world events. When we think of Paris its often the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. It's something I am going to try and be better about.

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