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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Quick Christmas Roundup

Hi Lovelies!
I keep thinking that now that I'm done with school I'll have more time to blog. I've been home with Leila though...and we've been having fun :)

I wanted to give you guys a quickie update on Christmas in the Boom household. It was SUPER fun as usual. We generally make it all about Boomer. She came in and woke me up at about 8:30am and informed me "Momma, it's Christmas! Can we open presents now?"
I LOVE that face...and of course the O-State Jammies :)

Santa brought Leila exactly what she asked for. A unicorn pillow pet and Despicable me. (Santa also brought her a stuffed elephant. Boomer informed her father and I that while she didn't ask for it, she appreciated it.) She got some Tangled dolls, remote control cars (pretty sure JJ bought those for himself), a guitar, and the most adorable story book. It was from my dad and step mom and little brother. The recorded themselves reading the story. I seriously think its about the coolest thing ever, especially since they are in Phoenix and can't really read her bedtime stories. Leila also received some clothes that are beautiful and a big girl towel set. She got a bitty baby from American Girl last year for Christmas from her cousins, and this year they sent her and the doll matching jammies.
Boomer and Baby Lizzie

JJ got a beer tasting glass set, which he loves. He got a bar this year for our house and he is loving stocking it up and adding things to it. He also got some clothing from Boomer and I. I like dressing him up. Honestly it's a good thing that he let's me. The boy is color blind and when we met wore 3X pants. (He had a 32in waist at the time.) No pics of the boy either....cuz he weren't decent.

I got a LOVELY pair of Tiffany&Co earrings from Boomer. She was so excited she almost told me what they were the day she bought them. "Momma we went to 'The City' and bought you something from your favorite store!" 'The City', is what Boomer calls Easton, a shopping center here in Columbus. For my first mother's day, she and JJ got me the silver bead necklace and these earrings match perfectly. Momma Boom got me an AWESOME Knott's Berry Farm pancake and biscuit set with two preserves and a bayberry syrup. (We have pancake Sunday her in the Boom house.) I love it and can't wait until next Sunday to throw down. I honestly wasn't expecting much in the way of gifts seeing as I graduated a few weeks ago and my family totally loved up on me in the way of gifts (I'll show you guys those goodies soon). So I was truly grateful for the Christmas goodies I got. No pics of me for the same reason as JJ.

Oh....I almost forgot. Boomer had her first loose tooth over the weekend. AND SHE LOST IT ON CHRISTMAS!!!! So she was visited by Santa and the Tooth Fairy in the same week. She's such a lucky girl!
 I've been calling her Gap Tooth Sally....not sure she appreciates it though. She keeps growling at me.

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