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Monday, November 28, 2011

Just Popping in....

Hello lovelies....

No MMM today. I'm a total stress case as this is my last week of undergrad!


That being said I have so much work to do. Senior Seminar paper to complete and three exams to prepare for. In addition to work, and momma/wife duties. *sigh* So I'll be catching up on your bloggies as I can this week and I'll more than likely be back to posting on a 'Katy' regular basis next week. I know I'll have lots to talk to you guys about, because I'll have family in town, Boomer is insisting on helping with Christmas decorating this year, and I'm involved in two blogger swaps. And just wait til you see the Grad outfit. No not the ugly shapeless black mu-mu I'll be wearing (Although I'm totally excited about it!). Anywhos check ya later!

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Cee said...

Congratulations! You're almost there, good luck with the last stretch (and your exams.) And make sure to do lots of celebrating when it's all over, you've earned it!