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Friday, July 26, 2013

Is a big booty.......

Linking up with my love Whitney again today for backthatazzup Friday!!

As promised yesterday I'm returning with the song that inspired the title of my blog post....

Although in fact, I do not want a 'big booty hoe' for my birthday. My booty is doing enough on its own.

I'm really looking forward to tonight shenans!!

Much like my name twin I like to spread my birthday out as long as possible so we're kicking it off tonight with a concert!!!! Some girlfriends and I, and one of their BFs, are going to see Smash Mouth and Sugar Ray. Oh be still my 90s girl heart! I. Can't. Wait.
Of course since we'll already be downtown we are going to keep the party going afterwards at some clubs/patios.....I will make sure to take plenty 'o pics for you chicas.

Ok...this post is short and sweet....buuuuuuut....


Everyone slow clap now.


Whitney Ellen said...

It's TOTALLLLLLYYY officially our birthday week. I don't care what anyone says!

Unknown said...

This Whitney Squared birthday month I can totally dig. I cannot wait to hear about the damage that is sure to come.

Oh and this song is on my twerk workout play list!

Gwen said...

Don't forget the Gin Blossoms! (I live in Columbus, too - some of my friends are going to the concert tonight.)

Happy Birthday Week!


OMG, I LOVE that song! Old school: "You's a fine muthaf***a, won't you back that a** up..."

Happy early birthday! I get the ciggy in one hand and the beer in the other, I really do. Good times. Enjoy!