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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thirsty Thursday: An Outfit and Yummies

Hey Guys!

Not sure why I picked that title. I'm certainly not drinking. Well I am, but its herbal tea. I have school in the morning. Though I do love this song :)

But I digress because that is not the purpose of this post :

I bring you lovelies yet another Boomer styled shoot. If you're wondering why my 5  year old takes my pictures its because JJ and I are ships passing in the night. He comes home I go to work and vice versa. And I don't have a tripod. And letting the 5 year old take pictures is just fun!

Boots: Bare Traps, Jeans, Cami, Scarf, and Ring: Express Sweater: Target
The Boomer Pose!
Boomer made me do it.

Watch: Charming Charlies
 And then I came home to this in the mail......

SURIOUSLY GUYS!!! Erin from Living in Yellow sent lil' ol' me COOKIES. And they were soft, and chewy, and wonderful. And yes I know you're wondering if I shared them with the 5 year old. Yes I did.

This week has been crazy and insane but all in good ways. Everyone tells you to get a job BEFORE you graduate, so I've been working to do just that. Katy wants a big girl job ya'll!!!! And thanx to some serious chutzpah on my part (I love that word) and some movin' and shakin' from the man upstairs (Thank you Lord), this lil' Katy has an interview on Monday with a company that I REALLY want to work for. So if you believe in prayer please send one up for me. If you believe in good thoughts I'll take those too. If you are however a negative Nancy, keep it movin' sweethearts.


Monica and Whitney said...

Gorgeous scarf!

Ask the Duplex

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Your scarf is fabulous! And my almost 5-year-old takes most of outfit pictures too :)