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Monday, November 7, 2011

MMM: vol7

Hey Lovelies! Yes after a two week hiatus I am happy to say MMM is BACK! Sorry I was a bad blogger. 

This polish is actually a cheapie that I bought to go under Sparkle-icious, a glitter polish from OPI's Burlesque collection. It was really pretty together. Kind of like fireworks in the night sky. I'll have to see if I can find a picture anywhere.

Its blurry and a pic from 2 years ago....but I found it!
  Any who I haven't worn the blue alone ever and I saw it in my bin and said lets DO THIS!
NYC Skin Tight Denim

Alas now I know why I've never worn it alone. I said its cheapie...and well its cheapie. A lot of bubbling, and I did the manicure last night and as I'm typing this at about noon I'm already noticing tip wear. For reals???? Its a fun color. Maybe I'll try and find a dupe in one of my other fav brands. It did somehow take me back to my favorite mid 90s nail polish. It was called Moon over Miami by OPI. Heck...I'm going to ebay search that sucker.

Onto the movie ya'll. This weekend I watched Star Trek...again. I have a confession guys. I.....I am a Treky.

 Its all Momma Boom's fault you guys. She used to watch Star Trek: Next Generation with me and somehow I got hooked. I've seen them ALL. The originals. Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, the movies, and Enterprise (even though I don't care for it). Now don't get it twisted, I'm never going to show up at a convention dressed as a Klingon (not like its never crossed my mind though) and I don't speak any of the languages on the show. But when Boomer started showing a love for all things ears....I admit I did start calling her my little Ferengi. (Proud Mommy Moment) review necessary but here goes. I LOVED THIS MOVIE. All six times I've probably seen it. It brings in classic Star Trek lore, without deviating dramatically from the cannon.(No Will Shatner, you cannot be in this movie your chacter is died....remeber???) The visuals were great and so was the story honestly. Don't even get me started on the cast. Even if you aren't a Treky, you'll probably enjoy this movie. Its like a western in space. Who doesn't love that? Oh and I promised you guys a pic of my Buck Nut earrings. So here they are.

Talk to you lovelies soon!


t said...

Nice blue nails!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

I love it with the sparkles on top!