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Monday, November 21, 2011

MMM: Vol 9

Hey lovelies!

Its another Monday! Clearly I'm a little late with this today. My life is Cray Cray!!!

GRADUATION IN 20 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just had to get that out there. Anywho....this is actually a color that you've seen before. I borrowed OPI's You Don't Know Jacque from Indy when I went to see the Maroon 5 concert this summer. Then one of the beauty supply stores in the mall was going out of business, so I went in and snatched one up for 70% off. I love a good deal. This is a color that my mother would have given me a weird look for back in high school. There was a time when every lipstick or nail polish I purchased she referred to as looking like post mortem lividity. Basically they made me look like a corpse. *sigh* Gotta love high school.

OPI You Don't Know Jacque
I confess. I like the Twilight series of movies. I'm not obsessed. I didn't have to see it at midnight Thursday...but I did go Friday with Boomer. Yes I took the five year old. Her eyes were covered for a few choice moments of the film, but I didn't think it was to risque for her and there were plenty of other young kiddos at the theater with us. I have to say I really did enjoy the film. This was the first time Kristen Stewart wasn't well...wooden and lacking a personality.

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There were some funny moments in the film as well as some heartfelt moments as well. Boomer enjoyed it. Her comments were as follows:
'Momma, Bella's shoes are amazing!'
'Momma...why does everyone like Edward?'
'Momma, why is the baby so freaky looking?'
I always enjoy going to the movies with Boomer. I call them our girl's only date nights.

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Laura Darling said...

I love that nail polish! Have you seen the OPI matte nail polish? So cool!