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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pickles, A Fork, and a Five Year Old

Today we aren't talking about fashion or beauty...but I hope you'll read this anyway as it was on my heart to share it.
I am very lucky that we live not even five minutes away from Momma Boom. I am also very lucky that Momma Boom and Boomer have a very special relationship. Today I want to share a story with you that Momma Boom told me.

My mother has a lot of health problems. The year before she and my father adopted me she was diagnosed with Lupus. She's also a diabetic. About 2.5 years ago when she had low blood sugar she fell down the stairs and broke her arm. Because of her many health issues Momma Boom doesn't heal like the rest of us, and is usually faced with many complications in situations where someone like me would just bounce back. She has had multiple surgeries on that arm, and it still isn't 100%.

Boomer LOVES pickles. Apparently the only place she can get them is at Momma Boom's house. For some reason I just don't buy them. While spending the day with Momma Boom about a week ago she asked for some pickles. Momma Boom was of course willing to oblige, as she generally does with her only grandchild. However she informed Boomer that she had a new jar of pickles and was unable to get it open. (Its surprising how little things like opening jars one takes for granted when you have two arms that work as they should.) Momma Boom told Boomer she had actually been trying to get it open for a few days with no luck.
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Its this next part of the story that really gets to me. Boomer told Momma Boom, "Pray about it. God will help you open the jar." Then she walked into the kitchen opened up the silverware drawer and got herself a fork. Then she sat down at the table with her fork and napkin waiting for her pickles. She had absolute faith that once she and Momma Boom prayed about the pickle jar, God would open it right up. Momma Boom tried to open the jar again and it popped right open.

My child's simple faith touched me. How often do we try and solve our lives problems ourselves. If God can take the time to honor a child's request about pickles, think about what he can do for problems on or job, with finances, with relationships. He just is waiting for us to ask.

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Anonymous said...

Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right. (Proverbs 20:11 KJV)

The faith of a child taught about the love and power of God is an amazing thing to behold.

Boomer needs her regular dose of teaching to build that faith.