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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Almost a Century

Ok guys this post is more than a little random, but I had to share this with someone other than my five year old who just does not appreciate it enough. 

My grandmother is 97 years old. That's pretty amazing to me, and you need to know that for the rest of this story.

JJ was involved in an accident about two weeks ago and so we have a rental. Yesterday and today I was allowed to drive said rental. Brand new, beautiful Dodge Charger. With bells and whistles. As in push to start ignition, which is freaking cool.

I was explaining to my grandmother why there was no key on my clicker. Because all you have to do is push a little button and the car starts. She thought it was amazing. And then I stopped to think. The year my grandmother was born cars looked like this.

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That is a 1913 Model T! I'm pretty sure you had to get out and crank that thing to make it start.

When my mom's brother and sister were younger they didn't have automatic transmissions!

When I was born cars didn't come equipped with CD players.

Boomer will expect all cars to have touch screens!

When you really sit and think about it, in the past almost century my grandmother has seen some truly AMAZING things happen. Women got the right to vote, the Civil Rights movement changed this country, and she saw a Black man elected president in a country where her parents had been enslaved. Its just amazing. Sometimes we take for granted the older people in our families. I encourage you to sit and listen to their stories because when they leave us, so does their history.


Unknown said...

oh my gosh! that is nuts to think about! sometimes i will sit and think about star trek {i know just bear with me..} and how they would hold these boards that they would touch and it would run the ship... dude, ipads! and thats just in my liftime! {totally not a treky... was forced to watch as a child} cool post... new follower!

Monica said...

So weird, right? My grandma is 86 years old and grew up in Hungary. I am amazed at what all has changed in technology in her lifetime, too!
Thanks for the comment, too! It's nice to know I have supportive baking from my readers!