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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Whatcha doin Katy?

K....Momma's been a bad blogger. Life has kind of gotten in the way this week. my new subscription to Netflix. changer.

Confession: I love One Tree Hill. Kind of a lot. And my new Netflix subscription allows me to watch every episode ever of the show. I've made it through the entire first season and part of the second. Oh the angst, the brooding, the love triangles. Guys...I'm kind of in heaven.
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For my local Buckeye girls....Did ya know we have a free standing MAC store in Polaris Mall now? I did not know. And now I do. And now I will be spending far too much time/money in that store. I was actually pretty well behaved and only purchased : 
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Oddly enough I've never had the Fix Plus before, even though I could practically run a MAC counter. I tried it out today and I really like it so far. I'll use it for a few more days and give you guys an official review. Pop Mode is a lip gloss I've had forever. I had rubbed off the name of it on the bottom and every time I went into the store they said it was discontinued. Super Sad Face. Then when I went into the new store and asked just off hand, the lady took one look at it and said "Pop Mode". Yippee.

Well its just a few more weeks until graduation. I bought my dress for the ceremony today. I'll be sure to post pictures this week if I get around to it. And I'll be making the rounds to comment and read everyone's new posts. 

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