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Monday, June 16, 2014

#OHBloggers, Digfest, and Father's Day...Oh What a Weekend


Guys. This weekend. It was truly one for the record books. I had so so so so so much fun!

First, my weekend started early, because we have half day Friday's during the summer at my company. So I took little miss to go see Maleficent! The movie was great! The visuals, the costumes, set design....loved it. Nice to be reminded that Angelina is in fact, an actor. Although....the part where she loses her wings was a rapey...and heavy even for me, let alone for my 8 year old.

BOOMER'S EIGHT YOU GUYS!!!! When did that happen!

Saturday I attended the Ohio Blogger meet up organized by Shane and Holly that took place at Zauber Brewing Co, which I will definitely be stopping by again.  Seriously this C-Boss drink was amazing!

This #OHBloggers meet up was fantastic. I got to meet so many new people and finally meet some folks in real life. Like this girl.

I love love love Erin's blog. I also love love love her and her husbands Sallie and Perkins student loan payoff series. I have a stupid amount of loans as we have talked about HERE, so anyone who talks about that in a real way appeals to me. Turns out she is super fun and such a sweetie in person! (Not a huge surprise there.)

Morgan, Amanda,  Kathy and Moi

I met Amanda, the lovely lady behind Girl About Columbus, whose instagram it turns out, I stalk. A lot. She's awesome.  Rachel, the lady behind The Rachel Way informed me via twitter that I was her new girl crush, which I'm not gonna lie pretty much made my whole Saturday. I met so so many amazing ladies, I'll try to put together a comprehensive list of the Ohio ladies so you can check out their blogs too!

We transitioned to Digfest after. Digfest is a local festival that takes place in Grandview (another adorable Columbus neighborhood) where they have local beers, wines, and spirits along with food and live music. I'm really making an effort to get out there and experience more of all the wonderful things this city has to offer. Now that I've connected with all these amazing, tapped in bloggers I don't think I'll have a problem in that area!

Holly, Katya, Jacqueline, Shane and Amanda 
Sunday...I nursed my hangover, which after 25 are NO joke.

 Once I recovered I hopped over to my mother's roof for her semi annual gutter clean out. I have been doing it for years, because I actually like climbing up there and I'm cheap labor.

Then we took JJ to his 4th annual Bj's Brewhouse Father's Day/Birthday dinner.

He and Boomer seriously crack me up!

To sum it up, my weekend was fantastic. I feel re-energized and ready to jump back into this here blog...and just life in general. Guys the funk may FINALLY be over! Just in time to enjoy an awesome summer!


Kenj said...

The meetup looks like a blast. What a great group of girls. Yay to feeling reenergized! Happy Monday!!

Erin LFF said...

I'm so glad I got to meet you!! You are so sweet and I love that we are "OFFICIAL" friends now :)

Ashliegh said...

I'm so happy I was able to meet you! You are so personable and wonderful! I loved hearing your funny stories!

Gwen said...

Even though I'm so sad I couldn't be there, I'm SO happy that you went! You look fabulous (as always) in all the pictures.

What's in a C-Boss? It looks yummy!

Unknown said...

YAY!!! I am so glad that you had a great weekend and are ready to jump back in the saddle!

You are still looking fabulous!!!

Unknown said...

Had SO much fun! I must come out with you and Holly some time before I leave :)

MarlaJan said...

You're back, baby! I've missed you! The meet up looks fan-freaking-tastic!

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

Try getting a hangover at 35. No, wait, don't.

We still need to see Maleficent.