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Monday, June 23, 2014

Dear Monday?

Remember when we all used to write Dear Friday letters?

It crossed my mind at about 4am this morning, when insomnia declared 'Whitney! I just can't quit you!, that it made a lot more sense to write letters on MONDAY. Kind of like an intentional start to the week. So here we go.

Dear Subconscious-

That nightmare in the wee hours of this morning. The one where Boomer and I were suddenly a part of Game of Thrones and there was a really scary group of people referred to as 'The Dancers'. If you could not do weird things like that to me it would be appreciated. I mean, what was that even about?!

Dear FB GOT quiz-

You made me a Lannister?!?!? Really?!?!? And then my cousin tells me....'yeah...I can see that.' WHAT?!?!

Dear Boomer-

Ok, 1 summer reading book down... 10 more to go! (I'm assuming these are 'recommendation and not requirements seeing as you are a third grader.) Come on kiddo. You've only got 6 more weeks!

Dear Grocery Budget-

Sorry I blew you almost for the whole month, in one trip.

Dear Blog-

That blown grocery budget = Wednesday's post so....winning?

Dear Bathroom-

You are so lovely and clean that I almost didn't want to use you this morning. I realize that's weird, but I imagine that's how all the people that pin their perfect rooms feel.

Dear Week-

I see nothing but great things in our future, because there was Indian food for lunch today, I'm seeing my man Bruno on Saturday and well...there will be happy, warm, fluffy things between now and then!


Erin LFF said...

I say bring back the letter writing! And why not on Mondays?! :) I'm so envious you're seeing BRUNO Saturday!!!!

Unknown said...

Bruno, as in Mars?!?

I instantly got really jealous of your weekend compared to mine. UGH!

MarlaJan said...

I remember Friday Letters. No idea who's linkup it was, but I remember participating on occasion. I am oh so behind in the blog reading, trying to catch up now. Looking forward to your grocery store one!