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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Songs of My Youth : Part 1

Hi Lovelies!

I don't know why I did it, but last week I made a Backstreet Boys Pandora, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand its pretty awesome actually. I've been belting out 90s bubble gum pop for days. Boomer thinks its beyond ridiculous. (Take THAT Beiber.) Anyway it got me to thinking how these songs were just so deep and meaningful back in the day. I would play them over and over and write in my diary about all my angst. Ah, so much angst. Degrassi had nothing on me. (Or so I thought.) It also got me to thinking how....things are a little different now. Take this gem for example.

This is absolute foolishness.

I used to sing this song at the top of my lungs whenever someone told me I was wrong for dating a particular boy. I LOVED him. No one understood our love. We were going to get married. We discussed how we would decorate our house. It involved a lot of black and gold, and looking back was slightly horrendous. Ok, a lot horrendous, and tacky. Let's call this gem of an ex-boyfriend....Mr. Pitt. Mr. Pitt, was something of a compulsive liar. Which was odd because we grew up together and I always caught these lies....but I LOVED him. He was also very controlling, and tried to get me to change. He was always trying to get me to go against the values I held dear and things I'd been taught. In fact you can trace about 75% of my teenage rebellion and issues with Momma Boom to this relationship. Sorry Mom. When friends and family would caution me about our relationship, this song was my mantra. They just didn't know him the way I did. He loved me. He was cute. He was a great kisser. At 15 I was a notorious virgin. There were bets on how long it would last. I found out later, he had gone around our entire church telling everyone I was BEGGING him to sleep with me. The other boys at church basically laughed in his face, and informed him 'Whit won't let anyone touch her with a 10 ft pole so we KNOW you're lying.' Then there was that rumor that got started about us having sex in the baptismal pool. There is a giant picture of Jesus above that thing for crying out loud! He's almost 30 now. In hind sight....he was an awful boyfriend, but I learned a lot.

Now I know. There is a lot that matters. I absolutely care who you are. Did you change your name, are you on the run? 

I care where you came from. People say opposites attract and that may be true, but opposites have a lot of trouble living together or agreeing on how to live and raise a family. Trust me on this one. Background matters.

Duh, of course I care what you've done in your life. Are you a compulsive liar, a cheater, are you bad with money, did you beat your ex? This is all NEED TO KNOW.

Saying you love me isn't the quick fix salve it was in high school. Shoot at this point in my life I want to know your credit score and debt to income ratio.

Bye Lovelies!

*This post originally appeared on KGB 2/15/12*


Audra said...

I listen to the Britney Spears Pandora station whilst working out sometimes, and it is AWESOME! The BSB make frequent appearances and I love it!

MarlaJan said...

I love this. It's funny when we hear songs that were such an integral part of our past, and then we realize how stupid we were. All a part of growing up! Look how far you have come!<3

Girl In Beta said...


Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Until I saw at the end how you posted this a while ago I was like "girl you JUST now made a BSB Pandora station?!" hahahahah

JumpingJE said...

I adore this and yes, it is very important who he is, where he's from and what he did!!!! :) Thanks for re-posting!

Setarra said...

Ohhh to be young and naive again... I used to sing the lyrics to so many songs that I never actually understood as a kid lol. And I agree, those little details totally mattter haha.