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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What has Whitney been up to?

Hey lovelies!

So yeah I'm about two weeks late, but I'm going to catch you up on all the fun stuff that I've been up to so far this holiday season.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving we had a little high school reunion get together at a local pub/bar. I know I've mentioned before that my high school experience was a little unique. So this was open to all classes. And I do mean all....somehow a class of 2012-er ended up there. Smh. (Us 2003-ers were none to pleased, none too pleased I tell ya!)

My hair and makeup before I went!
 I'm not going to lie. I spent about an hour getting ready. Yes a lot of these peeps I see all the time, but some I haven't seen in awhile and let's face it you want to impress. My shirt is from Express by the way and I LOVE it. Super comfy and a great color on just about everyone.

 This here is almost exactly 1/4 of my graduating class. There were only 19 of us.

This was my elementary/middle school/and high school BFF Courtney. Yes Courtney and Whitney. We got confused a lot. And more than once our teachers tried to send us home with homework for our 'sister' if one of us was out sick. We are NOT related at all. We actually hadn't seen each other since Boomer's baby shower so it was GREAT to catch up.

This hot lil mama is Tiffany. Love her. Even if she was three years behind me in school and totally dated my ex! She's a fabulous dancer/choreographer and mommy to the CUTEST little boy. Her hip hop class is the truth if any C-bus ladies are looking for a good/fun workout.

Then there was Thanksgiving day. I woke up (without a hangover THANK GOD), and got to cooking. Boomer decided she wanted to help me so mom dropped her off from their sleepover. (Boomer 'helping' by the way equals watching TV and tasting.)

After everything was cooked and packed. We drove across the street to Momma Boom's house to find THIS!!!!

My Mommy is fancy ya'll. Fresh flowers, and my great-grandmother's china. Fancy.

I actually didn't get any pictures of my glorious food, because as soon as it hit my plate I inhaled it. Good thing I wore leggings!

JJ actually joined the family for dinner which was nice for Boomer. And he took this gem.

I don't care you who you are....that is funny.

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Anonymous said...

I thought my graduating class was small. There were 43 of us. Love your top.. great color!

Unknown said...

You looked so great at your HS reunion!!!

Ashley said...

You look gorgeous! Blue is your color!

Awe your table looks amazing and OMG choked when I saw the pic of boomer! haha too cute!

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

First, holy freaking gorgeous, holy moly, I can't stand it. You are one hot mama, I tell you! (and the guy in the gray t-shirt isn't bad either - woop woop!)

Your mom is off the chain adorable with all the fancyness on Thanksgiving! The floral china! And cards! And crystal! I'm dying. And the Boomer mustache pic?! Best ever. Fab-u-laaaaasss!

Claire Kiefer said...

Found you through Sami and y'alls amazing Christmas giveaway. :) Your daughter is so cute! And I can't imagine having graduated in such a small class . . . mine had almost 700!

Kelly said...

Great post and I love your hair with the curl in it!

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