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Sunday, August 21, 2011

So...about that update...

Sorry. I know. I said pictures the next day.

My best friend, who for the purposes of this bloggy we will call Indy, doesn't have WiFi. Let that sink into your noggins for a sec. NO WIFI. So all weekend I kind of felt like I was here.

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It was interesting to say the least. I watched some movies, spend A LOT of time on my smart phone (Thank ya Lord for smart phones). I did have a wonderful time at the concert and checking out local spots around her neighborhood.

So....I will be updating this week all about my fun weekend in Indy with Indy. You like how I did that don't you.

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Monica said...

aw thank you so so much!!! Followed you too! You're blog is awesome!! I'll keep you posted on my contest :)

xoxx Monica

P.S. if you need any help entering the blogging world let me know!