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Monday, August 22, 2011

INDY!!!!!!!!!!!!! {Pic Heavy Post}

The Concert

Let me just tell you ahead of time....I LOVE me some Maroon 5. LOVE.......LOVE. I can listen to their music all day. I dance and sing....and oggle Adam Levine. He's my favorite white boy. (If that offends you...well idk what to tell you.) JJ even grudgingly accepts my Adam lovin'. They put on an amazing high energy show. It was great. I didnt sit down or stop singing/dancing/clapping/smiling the entire time.

Now to be perfectly honest. I could take or leave Train. I don't dislike their music, but I just was not a fan. They have amazing songwriting abilities. (Obvs...I mean...their songs stay in your head...and the Billboard Top 100...just sayin'.) Anywho....They put on a really great show too. There was a lot of audience involvement. Pat Monahan got down from the stage and walked all around the track seating (where we happened to be sitting), and man does he have some pipes. They've made me a fan!

All told both bands raised $350,000 for the Indiana State Fair remembrance fund. They both dedicated songs to the victims of the tragedy and praised Indiana and the people of Indianpolis. Pat Monahan called it the greatest city in the world.

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