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Thursday, August 18, 2011

For today I'm a Hoosier....

I'm in Indianapolis right now because tonight I will see Maroon 5 with my bestie from college. I'm just now getting into going to concerts and experiencing music I love live. I played Songs About Jane so much that JJ knows the majority of the words, and after hearing Hands All Over Me I decided to find out where they were playing.

After the tragic stage collapse on the 13th, several concerts were canceled at the fair grounds.The Maroon 5/Train concert was moved to Conseco Field.  Both bands are donating funds from their appearance at Conseco Field tonight to the Indiana State Fair Remembrance Fund.

On a slightly happier note, I am killing time while waiting for my bestie to get off work. I'm actually writing this little tid bit from the Circle Center Mall which looks something like this:
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Pretty right? And prime people watching let me tell you. And they're playing 90s pop right not which basically begs people to sing along....which they are. Awesomness ensues. I'll let you know all about the concert and best friend fun tomorrow.

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