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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What Lies Beneath....

One of the most important, yet rarely discussed, aspects of a woman's outfit is the foundation. Yes I said foundation, as in what your grandmother probably called her undergarments. I see all of these fabulous blogs and the conversations center on shoes, bags, the perfect skinny jeans, and cosmetics.

But let's get real for a minute. You can have on the most fabulous head to toe, perfectly styled, mix of high low outfit on, but if you have on the wrong bra, or wonky panty lines, or if you're just downright uncomfortable because you have an atomic wedgie then you DO NOT look your best.

Reading these blogs over the last 6-9 mos I've decided to step outside of my horrible mom/college student mix of sweatshirts, jeans, and pumas. Yesterday I put on a comfortable, yet 'done' outfit. But the bra didn't fit. It was stretched out and just kind of flopped there, which did no justice to my already itty-bitty committee girls. To add insult to injury I had on a pair of ill fitting underoos. Atomic wedgie with every five steps. Campus is a lot more than five steps at any given time. So in the end, the well applied summer makeup look, the cute trendy accessories, and the adorable color choices didn't matter because I was sooooooooooo uncomfortable all day.

So when I got home I did something I rarely do. I threw something away. (I still have the dress I wore to 8th grade graduation, but that is a whole other post.) I stood in my bathroom looking at my somewhat lumpy looking chest and said 'Forget this!!!!' , and chucked that bra in the trash. I have resolved to purchase some new foundations this Friday. I will feel better in my clothes, I will look better in my clothes, and that will make all the difference.



Haaa...atomic wedgie. That's hysterical!

I love this post, and good for you for resolving to replace those ratty undergarments! I spent way too long not caring about what I looked like under the clothes. I also realized after someone measured me for a bra that I wore the wrong bra size for most of my life!

Feminine, functional, and pretty undergarments not only look better, they make you feel better. And they've come such a long way. There is something gorgeous and comfy for everyone!

Thanks again for your comment on G&G. So flattered.


Anonymous said...

Nordstrom is your friend when it comes to undergarments. What you pay DOES matter. I love Wacoal.

Monica and Whitney said...

amen sista.

Loving your blog! So glad I found it!

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