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Thursday, July 21, 2011

What Lies Beneath: An Update

Soooooo following the advice given to me, I marched my little booty over to Nordstrom.

I LOVE Nordstrom. I have loved it ever since I was younger and I was taken there by one of my favorite family members who lived in Seattle. It was amazing. The customer service you receive there is unparalleled. Nothing compares. That being said I am a college student. Read: poor. Not poor in the sense that most of the world lives on a dollar a day, just good old average American poor. So I avoid Nordstrom because a: it reminds me I'm poor and b: sometimes I like to conveniently 'forget' that I am poor and I come home with a pretty silver bag and a disapproving look from JJ.

I digress. Anyway this time I budgeted and said I'd start with three new foundation pieces. I went in and the sales associate asked if I'd ever been measured. Uh....that would be a no. So she measured me and brought me back several different styles to try on. Turns out I've been wearing the right size I've just been wearing them wrong, and I've been keeping them way past their expiration date. She explained to me all the details of how the straps and cups should lay, where the shoulder straps should come to and all that. I was EDUCATED. Then it was time to purchase my new goodies. When she told me the price for THREE bras....I skipped a beat. I however have spend at least that much on a pair of shoes so I handed over the plastic and went home with my new lovelies.

JJ did not give me disapproving looks. In fact between reading threads on he actually looked up, noticed a difference and said 'Those are nice.' (I'm one of those girls that has to try on new purchases and parade them around for someone to see. Maybe this blog will save JJ from some of that.) If the boys notice, you're doing something right.

So now that my girls are high and lifted up, I am a happy camper.


Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you Katy... Good for you for wearing the right size.. I'm taking a visitor of mine to Nordstrom (she may not know it yet) because she is in dear need of something great to hold up her women :-)

Monica and Whitney said...

I had an identical experience at Nordstrom! Who knew there was so much to learn!
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