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Thursday, July 7, 2011

No means no????

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From a very young age we are taught that no means no.  We are told not to ask our parents the same question over and over; to accept what our superiors tell us. Somehow along the way though some of us, myself included internalize that idea and it sticks. We accept. We settle. It becomes an attitude of defeat.
Over the past few weeks my personal notion of 'No means no' was completely transformed. Turned on its ear. All thanks to JJ and Momma Boom. A little background:
My apartment is too small and constantly smells like cigarettes....and some other weird funk. I love the complex, I just wanted a new unit. The manager said no.

I had registered for my classes and begun the first week when I was told I was ineligible for a language class I was in. I was told no.

I didn't receive enough financial aid for this quarter. I was told no.
I had accepted all these No's. Until JJ reminded me about a few aspects of my personality. "Katy, you never let me tell you no. You bug the crap out of me until I give up, or stop listening. Why is this different?" Momma Boom asked me if I had gotten into contact with various people on campus to 'bug the crap out of them'?

Which got me I called the corporate offices of my rental company and while it is not their policy to let someone move units within a complex before their lease is up they are allowing me too. I then got in contact with the heads of each of my departments at school. I found out that I was allowed to complete the necessary classes and continue with the class I'm currently registered for. I also found out my financial aid was incorrectly assessed because they did not account for my anticipated graduation date. Yes, Yes, YES!!!!

So I'm wondering, in what area's of your life are you accepting no, when you should be pushing for a yes?

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