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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

An Obvious Metaphor For Life

I work in a very modern, mostly glass building. It is beautiful and where the building is located I can see some of the most amazing wildlife outside my window. Deer, bunnies, baby ducklings, baby geese, their noisy parents, herring, is basically like a little park right outside my window.

All spring we have collected at the windows oooh-ing an ahhing over the adorable fuzzy chicks, the cute little cotton tails, and the beautiful does.

There is one pitfall to the beautiful glass windows, and all the nature.

Every so often a bird just flies into the windows.

You hear this awful thud...and you know what has taken place.

It happened yesterday. There was a thunk. We all knew what it was.

We walked to the window and there was the bird laying on the ground. A tiny, perfect, beautiful emerald green hummingbird.

Lying at a weird angle. Moving a little here and there.

Every time it happens you hope they are just stunned. You hope they hop up and carry we stand there, encouraging from behind the glass.

It was more heartbreaking this time, because it was so tiny, and so beautiful. Majestic.

I watched for a few minutes, and then returned to my desk. I didn't want to watch a tiny, beautiful creature's last moments.

Then I heard my co-workers cheer. The bird got up...and flew away.

So there you go, an obvious metaphor for life.