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Monday, November 11, 2013

Well Hey There Monday

Hi all!

Remember that annoying happy mood I was in Friday?

Well it kind of came to a screeching halt Friday afternoon, when I discovered that I didn't get my whole check. See when I got promoted I was supposed to switch to a salaried employee. For awhile I kept clocking in and out, just out of habit. However last week I stopped, because I was reminded I no longer had to. Wouldn't you know it...veeeeery tiny paycheck deposited into my bank account. So now weekend trip for me.

I could have let this get me really down, but I didn't. Because my bills were paid, and we have food to eat, so why stress? Indiana isn't going anywhere.

Also, because of some sort of snafu with Starbucks rewards, they sent me a e-gift of $5. So more free red cups! Yippee!!

This weekend Boomer and I were pretty lazy. Ok, I was lazy. Boomer was busy being Boomer.

Sunday though we went over to help mom rake up her leaves. Ok, I helped mom. Boomer did this.

I told her if she kept making that face it was going on the blog...

So in conclusion. I'm still pretty damn happy!


Unknown said...

Cutest little peanut EVER. Absolutely adorable :)

Unknown said...

Hahahaha love how you 'threaten' her with it going up on the blog. I need to start doing that ot my friends ;)

Gwen said...

That sucks about the paycheck! But I love those pics of Boomer. Was she trying to twirl the broom?

Unknown said...

Paycheck issues are always scary. I hope they get it fixed fast. Oh and Boomer is adorable!

Kym said...

I love your attitude. Keep shining, smiley, happy girl!!

LG @ said...

Boomer is the cutest. Seriously.

Jay T said...

Sucks SO bad about the paycheck :( But your attitude is SO great!! And OMG...Boomer could not get any cuter.

Unknown said...

The paycheck fiasco really does suck but that face that Boomer gives at the end is PRICELESS!