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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Adoption Day #28

Hi Lovelies!

Yesterday was Adoption Day. The day that, 28 years ago, I left my foster parents and went home with my mom and dad. The day everyone's (well at least in my family) life changed.

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If my parents hadn't adopted me, there wouldn't be a Boomer.

I think how different my life might have been.

I've never felt outside. Not a part of my family. I feel SO MUCH a part of my family.

I look like my mom. Boomer looks like her too. (It's almost scary.) I also look like my cousins, aunts and uncles. I am a good bit taller than most of the women in my family, especially on my dad's side. One of my cousins married a really tall guy though and her kids are evening the score. My extended family never made me feel different. I was always welcomed. The first time my grandfather met me he told me 'You can let your hair down now. You're with your people.'

When I think about the idea of mother, I've technically had three in my life.

My birth mother, who gave me the gift of life.

My foster mom, Ann, who took amazing care of me for the first 7 weeks of my life. ( should see the notes she kept on my eating and sleeping that she gave to my parents!)

My mommy. Momma Boom. My best friend. My cheerleader. My tough talker. My...everything. She made me who I am.

I've technically had three dad's too.

My birth father, who stood by my birth mother's choice, and left me the most beautiful letter at the hospital explaining how loved I truly was.

My foster father, Vic, who I was named after for awhile (Victoria) and who made sure, along with Ann, that I was at church the very first Sunday of my life.

My Dad, Rick, whose shoulders I rode, who has cheered my every success, and loved me unconditionally.

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I was so blessed. I was so well cared for when I left the hospital. I never had the negative foster experience that some children do. I'm FB friends with my foster parents, and we send each other cards and updates to this day. I was adopted very quickly. I literally know no other family than the one I have. My birth mother, though she knew she couldn't raise me, took excellent care of me while I grew inside her. So very blessed. That is the one thing I think about this time of year. How different things could have been and how blessed I was and continue to be.

So happy Adoption Day Family!

P.S. National Adoption Day is November 23rd. You can find out more about it HERE.


Tiffany said...

What a great story you have! I love that your birth dad wrote you a letter. That is truly special.

Pink Pamalamma said...

How very touching. Happy Adoption Day to you and your family!

Marianna Dunn said...

So cool!! Happy adoption day! :)

Kym said...

Happy Adoption Day!! That's such a heartwarming story; I can't believe your birth dad left you a note...that is SO sweet. I'm so happy that there are people like your birth parents, your foster parents, and your adoptive parents in this world. Also, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on your promotion!!!

Cee said...

What an amazing story you have, Whitney - it's so rare to hear positive adoption stories and it's really nice to know that there are some out there. You're a lucky, lucky lady.

Unknown said...

This made me smile! My husband was adopted at birth and looks exactly like his mother Kathy. When he first told me he was adopted, I didn't believe him. They have loved him unconditionally and raised him into a fine strong man.