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Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend goings on....

Ok so apparently I just post every Monday now?

World's most inconsistent blogger RIGHT HERE!!

Anyway, this weekend was a little cray!

Boomer and I woke up at 6am Saturday to attend the grand opening of the new American Girl store here in Columbus.

The fountain there in the picture is pretty neat too. Every frog has a button behind it that you can press to make it shoot out water. The longer you hold it the more it shoots out. I had to go to the opening for work, and let me tell you Boomer was a trooper. She only complained once or twice about the heat (and it was 90 DEGREES in the MORNING), and she wasn't whiny or anything. We talked to A LOT of girls that morning and she was just awesome. Even my boss complimented her on how well she did. (Which of course made me SUPER proud.).....ok Whit...don't get carried away with all the caps.

Boomer and her bitty baby Lizzie :)
All of the other stores that I would have offered up as a reward were swamped with all the girls too. I mean there must have been a few thousand girls and parents there. No joke. So I asked Boomer if she would be ok with going to the pool as a reward. Duh mom.

I think this may be the furthest she got from the first :)
It took two hours, but I did finally convince her that she wouldn't drown if she let go of the wall and paddled to me. Swimming with Boomer is always an experience.

Mom hasn't been feeling the greatest so we took over her duties at my Grandmother's nursing home after swimming. And then this happened.

I love how Boomer's peeking in the corner. Anyway I bought this dress for $3 when I was in Tennessee for college. 10 YEARS AGO. Yes I keep my clothes forever.  When posted this pic on IG and one of my old college suite mates was so excited to see it finally meet its end.


Sunday we did nothing. Because I needed a whole day just to recover from Saturday. Did I mention there were no naps Saturday. Yeah, there were no naps. We are nap people in this house.

We did leave briefly to grocery shop, but only because there was literally no food in the house.

Now everyone clap for me. This morning I have: gone for a run, blogged, fixed breakfast, and lunch.

.....who am I?

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Helene said...

Your morning is EXTREMELY impressive compared to mine. I don't even really wanna talk about how dead I am this morning.

Whitney Ellen said...

Quit being so productive, you're making me look bad.

Venus Trapped In Mars said...

Boomer is such a good girl. I didn't even have to read the story to be able to tell that. Look at that sweet smile.

Tiffany said...

You definitely deserve some blog claps! But also, 10 YEARS?!? You should save the fabric and make something else out of it. Don't tell anyone I told you that.

Also, Boomer is adorable. I wouldn't survive without a nap.

Ashley said...

Holy crap you keep clothes like I do!

I really want to go to an american girl store... yea I don't have girls but I still have my Felicity Doll and all of her -ahem- things. So I'd love to go and ooh and ahh over things there.

Jennie said...

I always wanted to go to the American Girl store has a little girl! Thats so fun that you got to go with her!!