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Monday, June 17, 2013

Things I learned this (and last) weekend....

Confession: I'm such an awful blogger I wrote this first part LAST Monday...and then never posted it. Whoops! Linking up with Sami today!

Sami's Shenanigans

My daughter is a mini misogynist. While doing yard work at my mother's house on Sunday, she plopped down on the sidewalk and said:
"I quit! Girls don't do this anyway!'
To which I replied:

"I'm fairly certain I'm a girl. I'm also fairly certain I've been working in this yard for about 18 years. I'm asking you to pick up sticks, not mow the lawn."

To which she growled.

Once we were all done, she got happier.

Brown liquor is not my friend. Friday night we went to this cool speakeasy themed bar in German Village (A cute old neighborhood in downtown Columbus). It's called Curio and its a neat little bar with old school style cocktails. Some served in Mason jars. I can't wait to go back...just no more brown liquor. Ever.

I'm no longer uncomfortable in my clothes. They just plain don't fit. And since I definitely cannot afford to buy a whole new wardrobe, its time to get my butt in gear. Literally. This is not ok Whit.

That I need new friends. When I said over drinks Friday that on Sunday I was helping my mom with the yard and that I was going to 'trim her hedges', uncontrollable laughter followed. Really guys? Grow up.

That my mother is my best friend. Even if she is being brutally honest with her 'No' on a bikini. Whitney: 0 Gym: 2

That I am a glutton for punishment. After suffering through cutting back ALL mom's bushes, I somehow found myself sitting on her patio offering to help her repave it......

Once we cut everything back, we found strawberries growing in her yard!

That everyone and their mother wants me to start dating.....

We'll see.

THIS weekend I learned...

That I should probably see a doctor about these migraines. Being laid up in bed for 36 hours is not cool. Or practical with Boomer.

That more and more Boomer is my daughter....which makes getting upset with her, or punishing her.....difficult.

That I really do enjoy my time alone.

That even though JJ and I are no longer married, Boomer still really likes the three of us to hang out.

That sometimes the three of us hanging out can be ok. Which is why we took him to Father's Day lunch.

That I really, really miss my blog. Here's hoping I can do better.

We'll see.


The Queen said...

My baby is growing up... Just take 30 minutes to exercise every day as a start.. You're not 20 any more - your body is telling you that.

You can do this!

Nicole said...

Totally random but is that a Jeff Bodart shirt???

Sarah Alway said...

I am constantly discovering blogs I started but never posted... it's a problem. Also, what is it with brown liquor?? It totally turns me into Crazy Girl, and also it produces the WORST hangovers.

Sarah @ Life As Always

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

Clear liquor or no liquor is my motto. However, I can't do clear much anymore these days either. I used to could drink like a fish. Now, I just want to vomit and go to bed. CLASSY!

Ashley said...

On the headaches get you into the doc and get some imitrex. It's supposed to knock those suckers out within the hour!

I love yardwork. Get Boomer planting some pretty flowers and have her care for them it's so nice to see them grow!

Ruby said...

I just found your blog and it's awesome! Thanks for your insights, especially on Boomer spending time with the both of you. I'm trying to do the same with my little one and it's hard.- Ruby