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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Throwback Thurday? Why not....

Hey Lovelies!

So I'm not really a fan of Instagram's famous #tbt. I bitch about how annoying it is to friends every week.

Then Boomer was walking around this morning with this picture and I felt like I just had to join in on the blogging version Misty (who I LOVE) tweeted about last night and well, I need to blog more.

This is me.....almost exactly 10 years ago at my senior prom. Yes....frequent readers and IG followers I did wear that very same dress to the Halloween party I attended a few months ago.

Its pretty shallow, but I have to say I feel like I'm winning at life that I can still wear the dress. Also winning because in the first photo my dress was MAJORLY stuffed in the front, and quite a bit looser in the back end.

I mean stuffed to the point that the guy I dated for most of that year came up to me at one point during prom and asked. 'What is going on with your chest Whit?'

Let the record show that he and I are actually still VERY good friends, and we actually went to the Halloween party together. He redeemed himself by saying as soon as he saw me 'I like that dress MUCH better now. You look.....womanly....yeah.'

I mean he's a guy, so its not like he's going to say something all that eloquent or well put together.

I also wore this dress to a banquet in college so I feel like Momma Boom got her money's worth for sure!

I look at the girl in that photo and there is so much I'd like to tell her.

Like the guy you spend 3 years mooning over in high school will never grow up, he's 30 now and still a douche lord. You dodged a major bullet hon.

Also you are going to go into A LOT of debt because of college. You should have stayed in Ohio and gone to an in-state school. College experience my ass.

You are going to live the next 10 years of your life backwards and in fast forward. Within 3 years of this picture you will be a wife and a mom. Then you'll just be a mom. And this is all going to be OK.

Some of the people that are SO important to you now, will not matter in 6 months. Some of them, guy who questions your chest a prom, will continue to be wonderful supportive friends forever. They will show up to baby showers, listen to you cry over the end of your marriage, and be some of the most awesome people ever.

You have a lot of crazy, silly, misguided ideas about life and love. You need to snap out of it chick. And you will.

You will change in so many ways, and in so many other's you will always be who you are now.

Right now, you are awkward and unsure of yourself. You didn't even really plan your life past 18. You will hit 27 and be so in love with yourself. You will realize that the people that tried to tear you apart in high school are miserable people that need more counseling than a lifetime of psychotherapy can provide. You will make mistakes, learn and grow from them. You will gain friends, you will lose some. You will learn to appreciate your mother. A lot. You will no longer think of your 30s as some sort of mid life pit. You will be so looking forward to the next 10.

And if this dress still fits me at 38.....well bitches we're having a party.


Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

GO YOU! I doubt I can still fit in mine.

I still have it, but it's ripped. I actually wrote a letter to my prom dress on my blog. It's hilarious.

And thanks for the love. :)

Shawna said...

I love this! I know for sure my last prom dress would not fit. My chest is a little bit larger than it was back in the day!

I also love your letter to your former self.. If only we had known those things at 18.

Whitney Ellen said...

YOU WOULD be a bra stuffer.
Hot damn you're a MILF though. Lawd have mercy, I need some air!

Helene said...

i could not fit into a dress from that long ago, that is freaking amazing. agreed ^^^milf

JaneA said...

You look amazing! I actually think the dress looks better on you now than it did originally. Wow.