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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Confessions of a Mommy: Sh*t Boomer Says

Hey Lovelies!

I'm linking up with Heather and Megan again for another Mommy Confessions.
This week I'd just like to share a few gems from the mouth of Boomer.

*While curling her hair for picture day*

Boomer: Mommy don't burn my brain!!!

Me: I can't baby. Your brain is covered by your skull which is covered by skin, so if I burn anything it'll be that, but I have my hand between the curling iron and you.

Boomer: Does your brain have a heart?

Me: o_0 has like the heart in your chest.

Boomer: Oh...

Me: Do you mean like a soul?

Boomer: Yeah a soul!

Me: Well your brain is your soul I guess. Its where all your thoughts and feelings come from.

Boomer: Mommy everyone knows your soul looks like a pickle. Or a cucumber which is like the cousin of a pickle.


I had no words after that. Literally none. Just tried to keep from dying of laughter and also to not burn anyone.

After I finished her hair I snapped this picture of her being silly:

Sorry it's blurry but that kid never sits still. (I'm so in love with her vest!) Anyway as soon as I snapped the picture she asked me:

Boomer: Mommy I totally looked like a fashion blogger right?

Me: o_0

Me: Uh yes I guess so.

Boomer: Put this picture up on your blog. Can I start a blog?

Me: NO!

*While getting ready this morning*

Boomer: Mommy you're so pretty.

Me: Thank you baby girl. You are very pretty too.

Boomer: Mommy who is prettier? Me or you?

Me: I think you're prettier.

Boomer: Mommy I think you're smokin'! (Which she pronounced Smoke-ann) You're like so cute that all the boys in the city want to take you out!

Me: Ummm....thank you. Please don't say anything like that in front of your Mimi. (My mother)

Boomer: Oh no I wouldn't. Mimi doesn't like stuff like that. But Momma, she's kinda smokin too.

There you have it. Clearly my daughter is....quite a character.


Ashley said...

aaaaahhhh hahaha this is hilarious! God I love kid's thought processes it's so great!

Megan B.B. said...

hahahaha, SO FUNNY!
I love her quotes! Highlight of my day!
Thanks for linking!
Megan @

Unknown said...

I'm so glad to know my soul is the shape of a pickle! I feel so foolish for not knowing that before now, I guess I should have payed more attention in anatomy. ;)

Unknown said...

haha very cute!

Lynn said...

Ha! What a cutie. Good thing you're writing all her fun remarks down so you will remember them in years to come. :) You did a beautiful job on her hair, by the way.

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

HAHAHA OMG STOP IT! Can I borrow her? You know I think she's just the coolest Ms. Thang around, but really - this just takes the cake!!!! First, she is stinkin gorgeous - that photo - I die! And between the pickle cousin, fashion blogger, starting a Boomer blog, smoke-ann, and Mimi being smokin, I CAN'T TAKE IT!

Gah I hope my kids are this cool some day ;-)

Thanks for linking up with us!!