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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh Laptop....How I've Missed You

Hey lovelies!

My laptop has been MIA for awhile now because I loaned it to my mother for her dissertation proposal. (She needed extra computers for her editor and helpers.) Boy oh boy did I miss my computer. I missed reading my favorite daily bloggies. I missed fanatically checking IFB, Facebook, and twitter. (Yeah my phone does all that too, but its just so much more satisfying on my couch with my laptop.)

Not much has been going on in this here Katy-ville. My temp contract has been extended. So I get to hang at my WAY cool job until May. (Still hoping that its more, cuz it seriously ROCKS!!!)

Boomer is busy as usual. I can't believe how quickly she went from not reading to reading EVERYTHING. Including my text messages, any word that pops up on the TV and road signs.


JJ and Boomer were driving home from school. All of the sudden JJ hears.

Boomer: STOP!!!!!!!!!!

JJ: OMG! What? What happened? Is a car coming?
Boomer: Oh, no Daddy. That's what that sign says.

or this gem.....

I enjoy watching movies with subtitles. Its a weird quirk. However now that my sweet loving child wants to read everything she sees, the way that I enjoy movies is no longer enjoyable.  I wait to watch everything until she goes to bed. This works for me.

I'm including this because...well its funny. Its like the duck lip pose is ingrained in our psyche from birth. Which is scary. It also disturbs me that my child just up and puts lipstick on and has a mini photo sesh with herself. I CLEARLY let her read too many blogs with me.

So....I have a problem. My clothes are disappearing. In my house. First it was a mini-skirt, now its a pair of skinnies. And socks. We might as well call my laundry room the place where socks go to die. It wasn't especially bothersome until I went to put outfits together in my mind and remember that piece of clothing has gone poof! I'm only scheduled for an on-call Sunday. I see a major house clean(i.e. finally throw shiz away) in my future.

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