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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Its Thursday?

Well...crap when did that happen?

I feel like someone is pressing the fast forward button on my weeks. I turn around and they are gone. Seriously its March you guys. Next week is St. Patrick's Day. For some reason Boomer is REALLY into it. Wait til I tell her she's part Irish too. (Maybe I'll wait a few years. They whole you're ethnically Jewish thing was a little hard to sell to a four year old.)

So....the last few times I blogged, I talked about how my house is eating my clothes. Well happy times because I found my grey skinnies! Actually about five minutes ago. Which reminded me to blog. Yes....I know. Sad.

I still can't find my mini skirt though.

I'll be better next week. Cuz I found my camera. Yippee.

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