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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dear Boomer

Dear Boomer-

Last night, I watched you sleep. I laid down next to you and watched you for about 15 mins. You still suck your tongue. Just like you did the when you were a new born and I watched you sleep to make sure you were still breathing. (I was a little neurotic at first.) You suck your tongue and I hope you do it till you're an old lady and I can't see it anymore.

You still reach for me in your sleep. You rolled over and grabbed my ear. I don't know why you like ears so much....In all honesty kiddo its kind of weird. I think it might have to do with all the messing around we did with your ears in your first three years of life. (Who knew ears could be so expensive!)

You talk in your sleep. More specifically you say random nonsensical phrases in your sleep. 'Spongebob!' 'Momma give Flyn (as in the character from Tangled).  I wish I could see what your dreaming about. (Reneesme style!)

You are a heat seeking missile in your sleep. No matter where I go in the bed you find me and attach some body part to me. Head. Arm. Foot. You're golden as long as something is touching Momma.

You however LOATHE covers. And I like to be completely covered. You figure that one out kiddo.

I watched you sleep and I saw how much longer you are in the bed than you used to be. Can you please stop growing? Because for a minute I was able to fully visualize you at 15. You're going to be beautiful....but that's scary as hell for Mommy so...stop it. Just cut it out. Stay about 37 inches and 5.5 years old. I know, I know. You can't help it.

I watched you sleep and I wondered....I hoped that I'm doing right by you. I hope I'm teaching you all you need to know. And I hope you stop telling elderly white women that they look like Mother Gothel. (Seriously....soooooooo embarrassing.)

I watched you sleep, then I fell asleep. The next morning I rolled over and there were your beautiful, bright, brown eyes. (That's called alliteration my young one.) You smiled...with your one missing tooth. 'Morning Momma. Can I have a grapefruit?' far, so good.



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Holly said...

Such a cute post to your daughter :)