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Friday, January 13, 2012

Hey...Look...It's SNOW

Yes that's right its snowing in central Ohio...and apparently NO ONE has seen this phenomenon before. All day I have heard people whine and complain about how shocked they are at the temperature and percipatation falling from the sky. And sweet Baby Jesus, don't get me started on the absolute idiocy I saw on the roads driving into work this morning.

Ok...for real peeps? We live in OHIO!!!! 

Anyway, as my friends will tell you I'm a complainer hardcore about being cold. I was born in a dessert for goodness sakes. I am not, however, ever surprised by the weather in Ohio. We get blizzards in March folks.

Today we were getting ready for inventory at the store. Which meant I got to go in bright and early at 7am, and pre-list all the mannequins in the store and in the windows. Let me tell you. The 'walkers' in Polaris today caught me in some pretty embarrassing moments today. For example when I was in the men's window I had to basically undo their pants and reach around what would be the 'junk' area to find the price tags and write down the SKU numbers. So some elderly people walk by and give me a kind of 'What the what?!?!?!' look. Then this young guy walks by and gives me a thumbs up.

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I also had to grope a few female mannequins as well. Not to mention almost falling on my butt several times. Thankfully no one saw....but I just told all of I'm not sure where I'll fall in the win or lose category on that. I do however feel it was a success because I only broke one nail! Boo-Yah!

Just wanted to drop in with a quickie post before I went to get Boomer from school Since I've been on such a role this week. It feels good too. Anywho....catch ya later lovelies!!!

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Laura Darling said...

I am a cold weather complainer too. It's been especially chilly in PA these past few days and I think I have said "IT'S SO COLD" at least 100 times.