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Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm Back!!!!

Hey Lovelies!

I'm BACK! I've so missed blogging and my blogging buddies I've made so I'm taking a step back into it.

Last time I wrote, I did a little vague-blogging and I'm sorry. I have been accused of vague-tweeting before too. (I don't vague-book though and I feel that's a small victory.) So I'm going to clear up some things.

Two weeks from today Boomer and I will be moving into our new digs. Its a truly adorable little townhouse and I'm excited about it. Noticeably absent from that first sentence is JJ. He is moving as well, but to another apartment. We are divorcing.

Yikes. That was strange to write. I didn't know how to blog that my marriage was ending. Especially when it came to my attention that some of his 'friends' read my blog. Now, I don't care that they read it, I mean the link is in my twitter, Instagram, and I've linked posts to my fb page so clearly I want people to read my blog. I, however,  don't want to add fuel to an already touchy situation.

So there it is. No more vague-blogging. That's the 411 on where I've been and what's been going on. One thing I will not do is use this blog as a forum to bash JJ. That is Boomer's father and he and I will always be a part of each others life. She can read and use the Internet as well and I never want her to be able to read something I said about her father that would hurt her or him. I'm also not going to turn this into some sort of "OMG I survived divorce!' blog. Granted I'm sure I will talk about it again, but while it is going to be a part of my life, its not going to be my life. Make sense?

So here are some quick shots of my life recently:

This thing is soooooo heavy!
Boomer helping me with some bubble wrap! living room.
This upcoming month is going to be crazy! Glad to be back here so I can tell you ALL about it.

I'm also sponsoring another blog for the first time EVAH!

See you soon!

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Unknown said...

I'm so sorry girl. When I got your comment yesterday I thought it was strange you were connecting to the 2 household thing as well- I'm such as ass! I never caught on. I hope you are doing well. I'm hear if you need anything. Not blogging during the heat of it just shows what an amazing person you are and amazing mother. I hope this transition time is as easy as possible for you and boomer.