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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Whoa.....Monday....I mean Tuesday

Hello Lovelies!

No MMM this week. There wasn't even going to be a post today. I'm exhausted. I started my NEW JOB today and then went straight to my current sales girl gig at the mall. Whooopie for 12 hour days. That involve children. I'm sitting here catching up on my blog reading though, and I said I was going to try and commit more time to the blog so dangit I will. 

First things first. That's right kiddies, you read that correctly I got myself a spanking new job. I went in for the interview on Friday afternoon and walked out about 20 mins later with a temporary job. Yeah....its temp. However its full time, and in the industry I want to be working in. I'm so excited to gain this experience. Fingers crossed it leads to something permanent.

So great start to the weekend right? Then Saturday I actually made it to church. This is kind of huge. Boomer wants to go every week and I love that. But usually Saturday's are my ONLY day off and I wanna sleep dang it. I thought it would be pretty rude though if I pray and pray and pray about wanting the temp position at this great company and then I get it....and then just skip church. So we went. Yay! This is a picture of Boomer after church at Momma Boom's house. Cuz she is stinkin cute.
Peep the Hello Kitty slippers....

Saturday evening I went to Holly's house for the wine tasting party she had to celebrate THREE YEARS OF BLOGGING!!!! Yay Holly! Well truthfully my butt got lost. Then I went to Holly's house. Can I tell you guys I really like these girls. They are so fun, articulate, lovely....I could gush all night. They're crazy though....because somehow they have me thinking that I can run a half marathon with them. All I did was offer to cheer them on with noise makers and suddenly it became 'Oh no, you can totally do it. This is where we are getting the shirts.'
The Vino
Alicia, Kelsey, Me, Katie, Lindsay, and Holly
Have a great week!

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DaniNut said...

Uh yeah you should totally do the 1/2 Marathon! You know I am gonna approve the exercise! :) <3